When choosing a training or behavior expert look for ongoing Continuing Education. Continuing Education is critically important to this ever progressing field of Animal Learning and Behavior. It truly can mean the difference between someone just calling themselves a "Behavior Expert" and someone knowing the scientific principles of learning and behavior who is able to implement them in each individual case.  Anyone is free to call themselves a "trainer" or "behaviorist" or "behavior expert" or any label they want. This is why the field is working toward standardized practices and ethics.  Experience also certainly plays a role in knowledge but the combination of broad experience with up to date Continuing Education through reputable sources is the best combination for a successful outcome.  CCPDT is now developing new intensified exams for trainers and behaviorists to becoming certified. CCPDT is certainly a reputable source since these exams are edited by the leading professionals in the field.


Sept, 2008: "The Fundamentals of Behavior"- Understanding, Predicting and Changing Behavior; Certificate of Excellence , S.G. Friedman Ph.D.


November, 2008:  Sat for and passed the  Certified Professional Dog Trainer certification Exam where I earned my certification through CCPDT which is an independent certifying body. Earned the designation of CPDT-KA.

June, 2017: Completed 36 hours of credits and education for 5yr RENEWAL of CBCC-KA which is a behavior consulting certification through www.ccpdt.org. certification # 2081660

December, 2017: Completed 36 hours of education credits for 3yr RENEWAL of CPDT-KA which is a trainer certification through www.ccpdt.org. certification #2081660

May, 2009:  "Risk Assessment of Aggressive Animals"; Certificate of Completion, Daniel Q. Estep, Ph.D., CAAB  &  Suzanne Hetts, Ph.D., CAAB  
May, 2009: "How to Write a Behavior Report"; Certificate of Completion, Daniel Q. Estep, Ph.D., CAAB  &  Suzanne Hetts, Ph.D., CAAB
June, 2009: "Behavior History Taking Skills"; Certificate of Completion,  Daniel Q. Estep, Ph.D., CAAB  &  Suzanne Hetts, Ph.D., CAAB

July, 2009: "Effective Painless Punishment"; Certificate of Attendance, Dr. Ian Dunbar

August, 2009: "Using Counter-Conditioning & Desensitization to Effectively Modify Behavior";  Certificate of Completion, Daniel Q. Estep, Ph.D., CAAB  &  Suzanne Hetts, Ph.D., CAAB

September, 2009 "Principles of Behavior 104"; Completed (A+) toward Diploma in Animal Behavior Technology through Companion Animal Sciences Institute, James O'Heare CABC, CDBC, PABC

January 2010: "A critical discussion of CAT (construction aggression training) and BAT (behavior adjustment treatment) techniques." Daniel Q. Estep, Ph.D., CAAB  &  Suzanne Hetts, Ph.D., CAAB, Grisha Stewart M.A.,CPDT, CTP; Kathy Sdao M.A., ACAAB

January 2010: "Do this and not That" a discussion on aggression management techniques (RAT)."  Nancy Williams,M.A., ACAAB, RVT, Daniel Q. Estep, Ph.D., CAAB  &  Suzanne Hetts, Ph.D., CAAB

January 2010; "Use and Misuse of Crates and Confinement for Behavior Management."  Daniel Q. Estep, Ph.D., CAAB  &  Suzanne Hetts, Ph.D., CAAB

February, 2010 "Functional Assessment ,108"; Completed (A+) toward Diploma in Animal Behavior Technology through Companion Animal Sciences Institute, James O'Heare, CABC, CDBC, PABC


June, 2010; "The Case for Dog Bite Hierarchies"; assessing true risk through the severity of dog bites to people and other dogs. Cara Shannon, JD, CPDT-KA, CAP1 through Raising Canine telecourse with PDF notes


July, 2010; "Positive Reinforcement Beyond Food" presenter Kathy Sdao, MA, ACAAB, facilitated by Suzanne Hetts, Ph.D., CAAB and Dan Estep, Ph.D., CAAB


July, 2010; "The Big Bang; Understanding  and Treating Noise Anxiety in Dogs." Webinar given through DVM360 by Debra Horwitz, DVM, DACVB and sponsored by CEVA Animal Health


November, 2010: "Living and Learning with Animals", Susan G. Friedman,Ph.d. - A professional course teaching the foundation for a comprehensive and coherent understanding of behavior analysis as it relates to facilitating the lives of captive and companion animals. The principles and procedures discussed throughout the class apply to all species. (behaviorworks.org). Diploma of Excellence


January, 2011; Webinar, "Myths and Misconceptions about Motivation and Drive in Dogs", Behavior Education Network, Suzanne Hetts PhD, CAAB and Dan Estep PhD, CAAB.  3CEU's for CCPDT recertification


February, 2011; Graduated from Companion Animal Sciences Institute (CASI) with a "pass with distinction"; earning a Diploma in ANIMAL BEHAVIOR TECHNOLOGY.


May, 2012: Sat for and passed the  Canine Behavior Consulting Certification Exam  given through the CCPDT which is an independent certifying body. Earned the designation of CBCC-KA.


July, 2012:  Training Deaf and/or Blind Dogs;  Webinar attended through Susan Smith and "Raising Canine" and taught by  Jules Nye CPDT-KA, KPA CT,ACDBC


November, 2012:  Help for Home Alone Dogs;   Whether it is a fear, phobia, boredom, lack of a physical/ behavioral need or TRUE Separation Anxiety, this course taught  how to decipher the difference and how to manage and modify true separation anxiety. New and updated information was presented.  Course taught by  Suzanne Hetts PhD, CAAB and Dan Estep PhD, CAAB.   4.5 ceus  for CCPDT recertification


January, 2013: Feline Hyperthyroidism, Dr. Sally Foote (DVM), IAABC  “CAT CHAT” about Common Behavioral Changes caused by and associated with conditions in cats over 7yrs. Of age


September, 2013:  Managing and Resolving Conflicts Among Family Dogs- Behavior Education Network Presentation

November, 2013:  The Pitfalls of Negative Reinforcement - Behavior Education Network Presentation

December, 2013:  A Case History of Leash Aggression    

February, 2014:  BOOM! Puppies and Noise; Webinar through Behavior Education Network

June, 2014 Completed course on Puppy Classes and Home Training - Dr. Ian Dunbar

July, 2014:  Should I Offer Telephone Consultations?   The Pros and Cons, and Necessary Policies and Procedures – Behavior Education Network presentation with Suzanne Hetts PhD, CAAB and Dan Estep PhD, CAAB 

August, 2014 through January 2015:  Dr. Ian Dunbar’s Dog Training Academy - Day 1, 2, and 4 Dog training business, Behavior Consulting, and Puppy Classes

November, 2014:  Use Your Training Skills to Help Veterinarians Implement Low-Stress Handling

November, 2014:  Reducing Behavior with Reinforcement: Oxymorons and Other Jumbo Shrimp – Webinar with Dr. Susan Friedman Ph.D.; Living and learning w/animals 

June, 2015:  Unsticking the Velcro Dog; New Information on Separation Anxiety: Webinar through HSVMA with Speaker and Presenter Dr. Nicholas Dodman BVMS, DACVB, DACVAA

June, 2015: Separation Anxiety in Dogs – APDT Webinar by Melissa Bain, DVM, DACVB, MS

August, 2015: Helping dogs cope with stress- Canine Behavior Lecture through E-Training for Dogs; Latest information on stress reduction techniques for canine companions by Jane Miller, LISW, CDBC, AABP-CDBT

September, 2015: Behavioral Consult of an Aggressive Dog, Behavior Education Network Webinar, Dr. Suzanne Hetts

October, 2015:  Dog Aggression to Family Members.  Behavior Education Network Webinar, Dr Suzanne Hetts

November, 2015:   Behavior Cases Discussion and Review. Behavior Education Network Webinar, Dr. Suzanne Hetts

January, 2016:  A Brief Look at Arousal in Dogs , Ken McCort in an E-Training for Dogs Webinar  










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