My goal and focus is to assist dog owners in having positive experiences with their pets and to instruct and advise them on what course of action to take to achieve this goal of "Behavioral Wellness" for their pet. I start in your home first and then we work out to more distractive situations if necessary. I recommend to each and every client, what I believe to be the best course of action to improve the owner/pet relationship and solve any training or behavior issues. I may recommend a different course of action for different situations. I work with dogs of any age and the services I offer include:


Personalized, Professional In Home Instruction which includes:

Acclimating your new pet to your home environment

Behavior Modification using Applied Behavior Analysis

Preparing your dog for a new baby

Prevention and Control of Unwanted Behaviors

Puppy Training:  7wks to 16wks.

Formal Obedience Training Basic Commands

Separation Anxiety Modification

Aggression Screening and Modification

AKC Canine Good Citizen Training/Evaluation

Clicker Training


I will also work with you in any situation or environment where a change in your dog's behavior is needed. This might be the yard, neighborhood, park, another home or veterinarian's office. I offer help with picking the right breed for your family and/or lifestyle and determining if a mix breed or pure breed would be better; along with interviewing the breeder(s) you find and contact and/or giving information regarding rehomed dogs and speaking to foster homes.  


Each of my clients receives ongoing follow-up and support via phone and/or e-mail and formal written summaries of the lessons when requested. A packet of supporting information on the plan of action and lessons covered during the appointment will be given.


Training Philosophy:  Training is the building of a relationship between owner(s) and pet. This relationship is rooted in proper leadership and communication techniques between all family members and the dog. This needs to take place in the home environment and day to day living so the dog learns his/her place in the family.  Training the dog in a distractive environment will be less productive if control/leadership is not already in place in the home. This is where training and proper communication needs to be learned first and then spread out to more intense/distractive environments.  I do believe there is a proper time for the correct group class, not to be confused with socialization which should begin at 3 wks and continue throughout the dog’s life. A well structured puppy class (9 to18wks.) is invaluable for added socialization. A puppy class should include off-lead puppy playtime so all the pups can interact freely and learn proper dog/dog communication skills.


Veterinarian and Client References are available upon request.

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