This page shows where to check to make sure the trainer you want to hire is a professional, knowledgeable, dog-friendly trainer along with much additional information for dog owners.


American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior POSITION STATEMENTS


Trainer Certification: What do all those initials mean? 

Association of Pet Dog Trainers

Find a knowledgeable, dog-friendly trainer and/or behavior consultant

Looking for a qualified pet sitter for in your home while away? Explore these links: Petsitters (napps certification) and Petsit. While I cannot give you firsthand information or recommend anyone in particular, I do recommend that they have some formal training and experience. Be sure to interview them thoroughly and ask for references.

Search and find information on just about any training/behavior issue. Authored by Dr. Ian Dunbar, BVetMed, MRCVS, CPDT. Good, solid positive based training ideas

Parents, Teachers, Scout Leaders can learn how Animal Safety can be fun with this informative teaching video and kit.


Research on modifying aggressive behavior in dogs


Learn about "clicker" training, how to's, benefits, and products to purchase for clicker training.


Look for and order up to date training information in the form of books, CD's, and DVD's, along with seminar event information

Veterinary Behavior Society announces position on punishment


American Veterinary Medical Association: a place for professionals, pet owners, and animal lovers to find comprehensive information


Adopt a homeless dog with the help of Columbus Dog Connection


List of poisonous plants and foods along with much more information


Foods you should avoid giving to your dog


Pet plates cost motorists $25 annually in addition to standard license fees. By state law $10 of the fee goes to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. $15 will to go the all volunteer organization, the Ohio Pet Fund. Proceeds from the sale of the plates will be used for the spaying and neutering of dogs and cats to curb Ohio's pet overpopulation.


Find a new pet and more information at the Capital Area Humane Society in Hilliard, Ohio


Find a new pet and more information at the Franklin County Dog Shelter


Delta Society; Learn about Animal Assisted Therapy


Pet Partners the national leader for animal-assisted therapy, activities and education.


Angel Paws Animal Assisted Therapy is a community partner for Pet Partners











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